In this letter to Hilda he is a little bit more coy about where he is.

Aug 29th, 2013

Dear Hilda,

Many Happy returns. You know more than I do – is coffee rationed here in England? Don’t tell me I could find out by going to the nearest shop – even in England the nearest shop might be ———- oh – a long way away. Is the coffee good quality? And lastly – would you like to send me a pound of it if it can be purchased?

I am told – and I am sure that you listen to the news – that France has been invaded and that things are progressing favourably according to plan and – er- so on. Good news this – the sooner will Wilfred be rescued form his predicament. The is no news as usual, but I dare-say that nowadays I shall find time and subject matter to write little notes on this excellent Naafi paper.

Love – Gilbert


Lecturing people on Smallpox

Aug 29th, 2013

Capt. G Tattersall

H.Q. R.A.S.C.

7th Armoured Division

APO England

28th April 1944

Dear Harvie,

Thank you for your letter received today. The weather is really wonderful at the moment. Spring is delightful. I have been nearly a week without drinking alcohol and feel much brighter for it too. I don’t know how long it will be before the novelty wears off.

I am lecturing people on smallpox at the moment, and carefully screening my ignorance of the subject under a hail of platitudes. I am also busy injecting people wholesale, as I have been for months, but never seem quite to get to the end of the task.

There is nothing doing here and nothing to say, which makes letter writing a rather difficult problem. I don’t seem to be well adapted to getting the social flavour out of England. I went to a dance or two but the Dereham girls didn’t interest me in the least. Now the new sobriety keeps me in everyday.

Cheerio – Gilbert


Meanwhile with the 7th Armoured Brigade

Aug 29th, 2013

now back in England. In the last letter from Italy Gilbert is in a Villa, probably in or near Naples. the whole Division returns to England in 19944 – around the 7th of January and the next we hear from Gilbert he is in Dereham in Norfolk and it is April – Admin.


Wilfred writing as PTE Wilfred Tattersall again.

Aug 27th, 2013

30 April 1944

My Dear Hilda,

I am at another working camp quite close to the old one but whether permanently or not I do not know yet. I don’t think I like the camp quite as much but I have a better job – doing odd jobs round a goods yard in a country village – which is more entertaining and leaves one with a little more time in camp. Note my new address carefully. It does not matter about Gallimore any longer. All that has been fixed. There was an important reason. Please tell the others and order me cigarettes  to the new address etc.

I want you to send me winter clothing parcels containing woollen and gabardine mitts (as for skiing) wool gloves, balaclava, scarf, socks, house wife thread and darning wool, handkerchiefs, thick khaki sweater or lumber jacket, pyjamas, wool vest and short pants, slippers, towel, special blanket from Red Cross, light leather belt, small pillow (Red Cross I think), razor, shaving brush and soap, tooth brush and paste, a good mirror and a comb, copying ink, pencils, scissors, soap, large nail brush and a kit bag. All this will take more than one parcel of course: then start on spring things and so on ad infinitum. One can never have too much in a P.O.W.’s life I hope you are all OK. I am well and more cheerful than before.

Vey much love Wilfred.


Label with name change from Tattersall to Gallimore

Aug 26th, 2013

This one  is interesting as the name change is in Hilda’s handwriting – so she must have received Wilfred’s instructions part way through preparing the parcel.  I can not see a date on it – admin.



Next of Kin Parcel list of Contents

Aug 26th, 2013

This seems to be very similar to the list that Wilfred sent to Hilda although this one is stampede with the date 14 Feb 1945 – admin.



Next of Kin Parcel label from Hilda.

Aug 26th, 2013



Next of Kin Parcel label to Wilfred

Aug 26th, 2013



Next of Kin Parcels – information leaflet.

Aug 26th, 2013



Its April and Wilfred is preparing for another winter.

Aug 25th, 2013

22 April 1944

Please send me winter parcels containing woollen mitts, gloves, balaclava, scarf,socks, housewife and darning wool, handkerchiefs, thick khaki sweater and shirts, wool pyjama’s. vest, short pants, slippers, towel, Red Cross blanket, leather belt, small pillow, razor, shaving brush and soap, tooth brush and soap, bath soap, good mirror and a comb, scissors, large nail brush and a kit bag. I shall repeat this list

Much love as always – Wilf