A Pitch?

Jul 7th, 2011

Yes, I’d never heard of it either. A little research and I found out that you should not just send your screenplay, novel or whatever to people as an email attachment. They won’t read it. You should send an email with a Pitch, or a summary of your work in a few lines, and then wait for a reply.

Here’s mine, or I should say ours, as this was written in partnership:

“Dear Ms Big,

In 1983 two intelligent young graduates, unable to find work and with little commercial experience, take over a rundown junk shop which specializes in buying house clearances from bereaved families.

The two boys have a different attitude to life, Julian, devil may care, is keen on making deals, meeting women and spending the cash. Dependable Chris, more avaricious and focused wants to make money and hang on to it.

This conflict between the two friends, against a background of social deprivation, political unrest and the miners’ strike, leads to amusing, original and even dangerous episodes with a supporting cast of eccentrics.

The first episode of our screenplay, Dead Peoples Things, is available on request.”

I”ll let you know what happens.

The Script itself is available to read on the Sceenplays page.