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24th of September 1944 My dear Hilda It is a year ago now since I was taken over by the Germans. Time flies or does it? The Autumn weather has been pretty dry and we have had some lovely September days, always a consolation to me.I prefer the wonderful climate of Italy to this however […]

17th of September 1944 Received letters this week from yourself, Harvey and May (dates are June 22 to July 4) and I’m glad to know you are all okay. No cigarettes and no parcels but I do not expect any now. I hope Gilbert is okay in his new job and I look forward to […]

10th of September 1944 At this date one is very optimistic and perhaps a little anxious to as it is more than two years since one was involved in the chaos of warfare. Nevertheless I look forward to that turkey and shall continue to hope that this year I shall eat it. No parcels of […]

3rd September 1944 Five years ago today I was drinking sherry with Mrs ? at Lytham Saint Annes. Now the wheel has nearly turned full circle and I should be back with you before too long. One feels very cheerful these days. I have had no parcels recently, of course, but I received a letter […]

27th of August 1944 My dear Hilda There is at Saint Paul puts it, melody in my heart. This month has been entirely dry and very hot with a thunderstorm or two as in Trafford Park when I was on leave with you. I like the sun and it will be cold again soon enough. […]

27th of August 1944 Today completes my fourth year in the army and also 27 months of captivity. It is long enough and I’m hoping to be home soon. I have had a letter from you and one from Emma. I suppose Audrey will be at her school now. I was pleased to hear about […]

20th of August 1944 We have not had a drop of rain this month but plenty before that. I rather enjoyed the blazing heat. It will be cold again very soon. There is a spring in our hearts however, and Mme. Hill must be delighted at present. I have had some letters from you recently […]

13th of August 1944 My dear Hilda These are exciting times, much too exciting, indeed, and I have hopes of being home in time perhaps for a turkey. I had letters this week from Rhona and Emma. Last week I sent a postcard to Pat and one to Rhona.It’s the first two I have sent […]

30th of July 1944 My dear Hilda, I have had a long letter from Mrs Walker this week, also one from May, please thank them very much for writing. I am glad to know that they are all well especially old Mr Walker. The climate is not to my taste at all. It has been […]