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Wilfred, pictured ¬†at the front in this group, has written on the back of the photograph: FEBRUARY 1942 – It is a habit of soldiers on leave to be photographed. I don’t know why. Anyway here I am, with mates, all cleaned up and in new clothes. How irritating to know we were in Cairo […]

On the back of this photograph Wilfred has written: WESTERN DESERT, Summer 1941: The name of the other bloke [on the left – admin] is Wilfred Tattersall, that is why we were photographed together. he was attached to us for some time in charge of a wireless truck and is a L/Cpl in the Signals. […]

You can just see the Desert Rat emblem on the back of the truck. Wilfred’s head on the left. Wilfred again on the left. It is sad that I don’t know any other names. Cleaning boots I think. On the back of this one Wilfred has written: The M.E.F ! Taken about March 1941. Note […]

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On the reverse Gilbert has written: “This may be the last chance of our being photographed together. All I can say is that I enjoyed the day on which the opportunity arose.”

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The western desert in ww11 photographs from world war two

Gilbert’s caption reads 1942 Egypt. El Ballah: Officer’s Quarters. 42nd General Hospital: Canal Zone. He is on the Suez Canal at a military camp which again became important in the 1950’s during the Suez Crisis. The picture is, of course , Gilbert – admin.