Letter from Eric 1st WW. Hindenburg line at a guess. the boy referred to in the previous post.

Oct 6th, 2015

Transcript of Eric’s letter 22.2.17

Dear Roy,

Thanks for your letter.

Here I am in a village billeted up with four other officers while the Batt are in the trenches, they do not send all the officers into the line at once and it is my luck to be out there this time.

It is no use my writing a long epistle as I cannot say much as I have to censor my own letter.

It is quite warm now, but it is raining which is nearly as bad as the cold.

The trenches are in an awful state,  that is where there are trenches at all.

We are in a part of the line which has been captured from the German’s more of less recently, I did nothing toward this capture however.

I have not been able to get a revolver recently and rely entirely on my knife and a walking stick.

So long


Keep up the communication at all cost.

I am sending you a quid for yourself – don’t let anyone at home know

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