Some things are worth their price however bitter or heavy they have been.

May 12th, 2015

24th of September 1944

My dear Hilda

It is a year ago now since I was taken over by the Germans. Time flies or does it? The Autumn weather has been pretty dry and we have had some lovely September days, always a consolation to me.I prefer the wonderful climate of Italy to this however which is much more like our own! I have had letters from yourself, Harvey, and May and I’m glad to note that everything appears to be normal. No cigarettes lately however and I have had no clothes parcels but I do not expect these things now.I shall manage. One has great hopes. Some day I shall appear again, soon I hope, but if I never do (and life is always full of possibilities) remember that I always thought everything was worth it particularly during recent days. Everything must be paid for and some things are worth their price however bitter or heavy it has been. I look forward, however, with optimism and too bright days and a better future before us all with much love to everyone and best wishes.
from Wilfred.

[Wilfred is talking about his move from Italy to Germany rather than his initial capture in North Africa – admin]

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