Picking and shovelling in a quarry.

May 12th, 2015

13th of August 1944
My dear Hilda

These are exciting times, much too exciting, indeed, and I have hopes of being home in time perhaps for a turkey. I had letters this week from Rhona and Emma. Last week I sent a postcard to Pat and one to Rhona.It’s the first two I have sent this year to anyone else but you. I thought of you all on bank holiday. I was picking and shovelling in a quarry in the sultry August heat, but it is a very nice quarry full of wildflowers. It has a countrified air about it and there is a large pool in which we swim at midday. And I prefer the heat of summer to the ghastly cold of winter which will come all too soon and last too long. I am still hoping for some winter clothes from you. My pyjamas in particular are all in rags! There is nothing much to say in this life that I can say. I have got about as much to tell you as I told Gilbert in Cairo. But everything has an end, even life and wars. If I get back safely I shall not only enjoy seeing you very much but I shall have plenty of good tales!
Much love from Wilfred
[towards the end of this letter Wilfred is referring to the censor I think. Rhona is his niece and Emma a family friend. – admin]

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