Good weather is such a consolation in this bitter life

May 12th, 2015

11th of June 1944

My dear Hilda

If I repeat myself half a dozen times in these letters it is because one cannot be sure that any particular one will arrive. We have had one or two glorious days, but June has been disappointing, cold wet and depressing, and good weather is such a consolation in this bitter life. At this stage, of course, one has cause for hope and no doubt you are all following the news with great interest. I hope to be with you at Christmas, but one hopes this every year! I have written to no one but you all this year. Pleased to have many cigarettes arriving, very useful indeed. No clothes yet. Never mind about Gallimore.. I should like lots of winter clothes, terribly necessary here, boots, snow boots with cloth tops if these are still obtainable, wool and gaberdine mittens as for skiing, gloves, scarf, balaclava, socks. Thick khaki shorts, sweater, pyjamas, wool vest and pants, slippers, Red Cross blanket, scissors, nailbrush. I got the kitbag parcel from Italy, many thanks. I hope you are all okay well and enjoying yourselves. Everything has an end, or so they say! Give my love to everyone who asks after me. Much love. Wilfred

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