Disappointed with Blighty!

May 12th, 2015

27th of August 1944

My dear Hilda

There is at Saint Paul puts it, melody in my heart. This month has been entirely dry and very hot with a thunderstorm or two as in Trafford Park when I was on leave with you. I like the sun and it will be cold again soon enough. I suppose Audrey Hill will be starting her school again now, it was good to hear about Michael. I have had a letter or two from you and one from Emma and I am glad to know that all is well. I look forward to seeing you all again sometime not too far in the future. Today completed my fourth year in the army and my 27th month of captivity and it is quite enough! It is all done me good. If I have seemed unhappy at times I have realised to that happiness and unhappiness are twined together like a double-thread. Jennings actually wrote to me after a while that he was slightly disappointed with Blighty! I could bear with that disappointment very well I think but it is true that men expect so much of home after months and years of capture. Anyway we shall soon see. With Best wishes and love to everyone. See you to the ordering of that turkey. Wilfred

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