In another camp nearby.

May 12th, 2015

14th of May 1944

My dear Hilda,

This month opened with rain and cold wins but now it is sunny every day and like Midsummer at home but we are getting brown as we are out for 10 or 12 hours a day. I have received two of your Rothmans parcels and I’m very pleased with them. I hope they continue to arrive regularly, they mean so much in several ways. I am now largely awaiting a clothing parcel. Please note my new address, I am at another working camp quite close to the old one and I’m doing odd jobs in a pleasant country village. Never mind Gallimore any more all that has been fixed satisfactorily. Please re-order me cigarettes if necessary 1000 a week and begin to send winter clothes. Woolen and gabardine mittens as for skiing, wool gloves, socks, handkerchief, sweater, wooden khaki shorts (in thetrunk in attic at Bell Abbey. Vest and pants,slippers, towel, Red Cross blanket and pillow, leather belt, razorblades, shaving brush and soap, toothbrushes and paste, mirror, comb,large stiff nailbrush, kitbag, darning wool and thread. Keep this list and when you are through it start again in the lighter weight things. One cannot have too much. One has had so little at times. Very much love Wilfred.

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