Everything must come to an end.

May 12th, 2015

30th of July 1944

My dear Hilda,

I have had a long letter from Mrs Walker this week, also one from May, please thank them very much for writing. I am glad to know that they are all well especially old Mr Walker. The climate is not to my taste at all. It has been hot and sultry, hardly even fresh and also it is pretty rainy. However I prefer this to the bitter winter for all that. I have been much more cheerful recently and I expect that you have too. Everything must have an end. I wish I were reading the Guardian. I write these letters on Sundays, a welcome day of rest, and I send them only to you. During the whole of this year I have written only to you. I have had no cigarettes recently
[this letter is torn off at the bottom- admin]

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