Are kippers in season?

Sep 1st, 2013

2 July 1944

Dear Harvie,

We are five officers. If kippers are in season and if allowed to post to B.W.E.F. would you please send me a box. we are all passionately fond of kippers. Letters normally come in 4 days, parcels take a little longer. I feel sure that kippers will keep, however. we will be happier when a field bakery is established and supplies us with bread. Biscuits are not very popular. We are well fed however – its all tinned of course. We have had local lettuce, cabbage and cream and cheese. Two local cheeses are Camembert and Pont Du Salut (Gervais) The latter is a Dutch type of cheese, very rubbery in consistency and smells to high heaven but has very little taste. A description by a commentator on the BBC interested us the other night. He was telling us of the armada of bombers which came over and obliterated a town. It was a very stirring sight I can tell you.

Cheerio – Gilbert

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