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Here is Wilfred’s Dog Tag. I enquired once from the administrator of the facebook page for Stalag XIA[Fallingbostel¬†Military¬†Museum a group on facebook – admin]¬†about the perforations and the gruesome reply was that if you were shot or found dead the tag could be split in half and one half put in your mouth or between […]

There are a lot of letters from Wilfred in 1944, and as is often the case with letters from POW’s, there is a lot of repetition – requests for cigarettes and clothing in particular. I have decided to edit the content of a lot of these letters so they are not quite so repetitive but […]

Capt. G. Tattersall H.Q R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division BLA 22 Nov 1944 Dear Harvie, You must not pay for the cigarettes you send yourself. Draw cheques from my account using your Power of Attorney. This may go on for years, after this “DO” is over I am due for the Far East. My soldiering must […]

9 October 1944 Dear Harvie, Since this letter is going to the Isle of Man I hesitate even now to put my army address on it. An order came out that letters addressed to the Isle of Man should have a civilian address or an Army Censor address on it. The Isle of Man was […]

2 July 1944 Dear Harvie, We are five officers. If kippers are in season and if allowed to post to B.W.E.F. would you please send me a box. we are all passionately fond of kippers. Letters normally come in 4 days, parcels take a little longer. I feel sure that kippers will keep, however. we […]