We are tired of Normandy.

Aug 31st, 2013

Capt G Tattersall


7th Armoured Division


Dear Harvie,

Your letter reached me after a delay addressed HQ RASC APO England with out you adding 7th Armoured Division. there is an HQ RASC for each division in all the Armies the British empire possesses consequently I am surprised it arrived so soon. Someone in this Division called Caine (obviously a Manxman) has received a box of Kippers, so the Officer in charge of the Divisional Post Office tells me, and so it must be possible to have them sent. I was previously told that food cannot be sent. Perhaps kippers are and exception.

The weather remains unsettled – we have scarcely had a completely fine day for a ┬ámonth, which is about the length of time we have been here.

We are tired of Normandy and hope to holiday somewhere else soon. Breezes and rain make life in the open unpleasant. Campaigning in winter, the beginning of which is about 8 weeks away, won’t be too pleasant. Of course the war should be over in three months time – so they say – but then, I wonder

Cheerio – Gilbert

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