Normandy is famous for cider, I am told.

Aug 31st, 2013

[A rare letter to Hilda – I am not even sure how this one ended up in the archive – admin]

25th June 1944

Dear Hilda

Notice the new address. the APO number is dropped and we are now B.W.E.F. we are very peaceful here. No scorched earth here. No doubt the Germans will begin scorching the earth when they are not caught on the hop. there is nothing to buy. There are lace handkerchiefs and cravats etc.. – all Handmade lace – but the prices are fantastic to all except the Americans. Everything else is trash except Camembert cheese, country butter and cream. Wine is too expensive – 14 shillings for a bottle of quite ordinary wine. Cider is more reasonable. Normandy is famous for its cider I am told. However we can live well on our tinned food. We even get tinned rice pudding. I keep a tin of Ascorbic acid tablets (Vitamin C) always at my elbow. One cannot be too careful



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