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Aug 30th, 2013


APO: England

21 June 44

Dear Harvie,

Since the B.B.C. has announced that the 7th armoured Division are fighting in Normandy, I feel that I am entitled to say, as a camp follower of the same, that I am also in Normandy – and none the worse for it. I had a very pleasant sea trip to France. It so happened that I was the only Doctor on board and as such was taken under the wing of ┬áthe Chief Steward who is the sort of acting “Doctor” of the ship. A quack if you like – a bit cruel perhaps. I ate in his Cabin – food that was out of this world – and slept in his Cabin too. He made my trip extremely comfortable. There was a War Correspondent on board called Ditton who writes in The News of the World and consequently I suggest you get hold a copy of this next Sunday (25th June) which I think is the earliest he can get an article in the paper. I still have the above English address, and it will not be until we have an overseas address that cigarettes can be sent at the cheap rate. I will let you know at the earliest. We are looking forward to a time when shipments of “comforts” as well as shells is a possibility. We are in high spirits and I believe after reading the papers that reach us a day or so late that things are going well. No doubt I should add cautiously, like Churchill, that the hardest times are ahead, and no doubt set back will occur and so on. We believe however that eventual success is guaranteed. There is no need for anxiety about my situation in Normandy whilst I remain in the RASC. I couldn’t be more peaceful. I am in close proximity at present with cattle, calves, a donkey, chickens, rabbits, guinea fowl, horse and manure!

Cheerio – Gilbert

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