We can get cream and lovely farm butter

Aug 30th, 2013


7th armoured Division


24 June 1944

Dear Harvie,

the above is now my address and cigarettes can now be sent to me free of Inland Revenue. I would be very pleased if you could send me some fortnightly. Where I am  all is peaceful at present. We are in high spirits and hoping for the best. I came across a shop today which sells hand made Normandy lace. A handkerchief with a faint border of lace costs about 14 shillings, and one with a more generous border costs £3. The price is prohibitive. There was a black lace Fan of the most delicate workmanship with tortoiseshell “spokes”. A cravat to pin to ones chest costs £6 or more. Ridiculous. Everything is expensive except ironmongery and cheese. We can get cream and lovely farm butter

Cheerio – Gilbert

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