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[A rare letter to Hilda – I am not even sure how this one ended up in the archive – admin] 25th June 1944 Dear Hilda Notice the new address. the APO number is dropped and we are now B.W.E.F. we are very peaceful here. No scorched earth here. No doubt the Germans will begin […]

Capt G Tattersall HQ RASC 7th Armoured Division BWEF Dear Harvie, Your letter reached me after a delay addressed HQ RASC APO England with out you adding 7th Armoured Division. there is an HQ RASC for each division in all the Armies the British empire possesses consequently I am surprised it arrived so soon. Someone […]

HQ RASC 7th armoured Division B.W.E.F 24 June 1944 Dear Harvie, the above is now my address and cigarettes can now be sent to me free of Inland Revenue. I would be very pleased if you could send me some fortnightly. Where I am  all is peaceful at present. We are in high spirits and […]

HQ RASC APO: England 21 June 44 Dear Harvie, Since the B.B.C. has announced that the 7th armoured Division are fighting in Normandy, I feel that I am entitled to say, as a camp follower of the same, that I am also in Normandy – and none the worse for it. I had a very […]

Capt G Tattersall HQ RASC APO England 12 June ’44 [The 7th Armoured Division landed in France on the 7th June and he is likely to be with them – hence the tone of this letter – admin] Dear Harvie, Please send me some cigarettes, say 400 a fortnight Churchman or Players No3. They will […]

Dear Hilda, Many Happy returns. You know more than I do – is coffee rationed here in England? Don’t tell me I could find out by going to the nearest shop – even in England the nearest shop might be ———- oh – a long way away. Is the coffee good quality? And lastly – […]

Capt. G Tattersall H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division APO England 28th April 1944 Dear Harvie, Thank you for your letter received today. The weather is really wonderful at the moment. Spring is delightful. I have been nearly a week without drinking alcohol and feel much brighter for it too. I don’t know how long it […]

now back in England. In the last letter from Italy Gilbert is in a Villa, probably in or near Naples. the whole Division returns to England in 19944 – around the 7th of January and the next we hear from Gilbert he is in Dereham in Norfolk and it is April – Admin.

30 April 1944 My Dear Hilda, I am at another working camp quite close to the old one but whether permanently or not I do not know yet. I don’t think I like the camp quite as much but I have a better job – doing odd jobs round a goods yard in a country […]

This one  is interesting as the name change is in Hilda’s handwriting – so she must have received Wilfred’s instructions part way through preparing the parcel.  I can not see a date on it – admin.