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(Wilfred now puts his address as Stalag XI A – admin) 26th November 1943. My Dear Hilda, Please ask Rothman’s, 3 Pall Mall, London to post me one thousand cigarettes a week – this will cost £1 weekly – send them a cheque for three months’ supply. Also I should like more clothing – shirts, […]

25th October 1943 My dear Harvie, I have been in Germany for two or three weeks but at present I am at a transit camp and have no permanent address to give you yet. The climate here is definitely northern, quite different from the smashing weather we had all year in Central Italy, but though it is […]

18th October 1943 My Dear Hilda, When you receive my permanent address please write to Rothman’s Ltd. 3 Pall Mall London and order them to send me 1,000 cigarettes a week. These are the best people – I received only two cigarette parcels from you in Italy but several from Rothman’s and it will cost only about […]

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7635484 PTE. Wilfred Tattersall 11 October 1943 No permanent address. (Wilfred has crossed out M.-Stammlager VII A. It was near the town of Moosburg in Bavaria ans a lot of POW’s from Italian camps passed through it –  admin) My Dear Hilda, I have already sent you a telegram to say that I am in Germany, safe […]

Capt. G Tattersll H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division 28th November 1943 Dear Harvie, Thank you for your letter. I had heard of your fire fighting experiences in the Home Guard – well done. At the moment and I don’t know for how long we are in a large modern Villa, which includes Sitz baths but […]

Capt. G Tattersall H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th A.D. 19th November 1943 Dear Harvie, I hope I thanked you for the arrival of your parcel with another posh brush in it and plenty of soap. Have you read the book “There is a porpoise close behind us” by Noel Langley? Quite a odd book. There are quite […]

H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division  C.M.F. 9th November 1943 Dear Harvie, The V.D. rate has gone up by leaps and bounds. I can imagine a fond mother after the War saying of her son. “The poor boy has been ailing ever since he served abroad” but she should say with the shock of truth “My poor boy […]

Capt. G. Tattersall H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division C.M.F. 2nd November 1943 Dear Harvie, I am billeted at the moment in a model slaughter house. This is a wonderfully clean place. Probably the cleanest building within miles. Our mess is a room with red tiled floors, shuttered windows and whitewashed walls. High ceilings.  I am […]

Capt G Tattersall H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division C.M.F 19th October 1943 Dear Harvie, I will send you a present if I can find something suitable. There were a few examples of tortoiseshell but nothing for a man. I sent May, Hilda and Mrs Wilson a powder Compact Case each – worth a fortune at Finnegan’s but only a […]

Capt. G. Tattersall H.Q. R.A.S.C. 7th Armoured Division Central Mediterranean Force – C.M.F. not M.E. F. Wilfred told me in a letter that he enjoyed the smashing climate of this country. The countryside is absolutely beautiful. I have been wandering through orchards as fabulous as the Garden of Hesperides admiring ripening limes, oranges, tangerines, grapes, peaches. There […]