Wilfred’s last letter from Italy.

Aug 26th, 2012

18 August 1943.

My Dear Harvie,

At this date everything is developing in the most exciting way and we are very cheerful indeed. We get news over the Italian radio which is translated and posted up for us. It seems likely that I will beat Miles on the home run, and that  pretty soon: but you never can tell. This year completes a year at this camp (fifteen months as a prisoner) and I have been well treated here. I am fit, brown and of normal weight – this is a great thing for a prisoner of war and now nothing can undo the benefit of the last year. During July and this month the weather has been very hot indeed, much as it was in Monte Carlo when we were there, but soon it will be fresh again but still hot. One can sunbathe nude until November and then begin again in March. I am going to live in this Mediterranean area, by the cleanest, bluest, loveliest of all seas, and in a practically perfect climate. I am in love with this constant brightness and the sight of green and smiling lands – even Cairo, after months of the desert, was like a dream.

Recently I had four letters from you, May 14 to July 5, and I was very pleased to receive them. You seem to be busy with work, visitors and so on bu I am glas you are well. I was amused at Auntie Emma getting back all your letters to me. Hoping that all goes well still. AU REVOIR!


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