Positive about release and coming home!

Aug 26th, 2012

14 July 1943.

My Dear Harvie

I have to thank you for another letter and for the third parcel  of 1,000 cigarettes from Rothman’s which arrived this week – very welcome indeed, the more so as I had been without parcels (though not entirely smokeless) for several weeks. I hardly expect to get many (if any) more parcels from this date, as no doubt the railways will be abnormally busy under the circumstances. Recently I had from Hilda a letter which only took 14 days to arrive – she said that Auntie Bertha’s furniture fetched £1,700, not bad going. I am glad to hear from Billy that cotton shares are twice the price they were in 1940. I f they are more I think I shall sell out after the war. I shall be very glad to be back in blighty and it may not be so long now before the war is over, but I do not think I shall live permanently in England. I cannot praise too much this wonderful Mediterranean climate, the long , hot, clear days, the exhilarating mornings and the beautiful evenings, the pleasant constancy of it all. One becomes used to sunshine and I could never live, for instance, in Manchester again!

I suppoise I shall see many changes when I come home again, having been away from blighty for more than 2 1/2 years, but it will be pleasant. I am very well and carrying on as usual. I hope everything is well with you and at Belle Abbey.


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