Work as a sanitary orderly.

Aug 25th, 2012

2 nd June 1943.

My Dear Harvie,

Many Happy Returns of July 2 nd. I too have just had an anniversary: last week I finished my first year as a prisoner of war, and though I hope not to complete a second year, I must admit that the time has gone more quickly than I would have thought possible. In any event the worst is over now.

Emma told me how well the sale at Ash Grove had gone. [The contents of Auntie Bertha’s house – Admin] No private people had a chance , she said, for the buyers were there from Kendle’s, Warings and so on. This, I take it, is an indication of what prices will be like for some time: but I am glad you and Gilbert did well out of it. [Harvie and Gilbert were left the house contents – Admin]

I have had neither mail nor parcels recently and I look forward eagerly to the third consignment of cigarettes from Rothman’s, and also my second clothing parcel from Hilda. I had an old one from Emma last week, sent from Egypt through Geneva.

I write this lying in a pair of shorts only, in the hot midday sun. I am quite brown all over, otherwise I would not risk it; I began sunbathing weeks ago, ten minutes each way at first, and so now I can bear it all day if I wish to do. Every evening I walk round the camp with another fellow to the equivalent of  three or four miles. That and my work as a sanitary orderly, slinging buckets of water round a huge lavatory twice a day, and cleaning acres of white tiles, keeps me pretty fit. I am well, sunburnt and of normal weight. What more can I say except that I am quietly optimistic as well? I am learning Spanish, too, and this is another good pastime. Hoping to see you sometime this year (you never can tell) and with best wishes


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