First winter of captivity.

Aug 25th, 2012

31 st March 1943

Dear Harvie,

I am sorry to hear that your engagement to Norah has been broken – perhaps for the best – I doubt that you were strong enough for all the cares that matrimony would bring. Maybe peace and quiet would serve you best in the long run. I myself warned Pat when I was in England that some men felt an almost equal pull between the altar and the monastery: and she remarked in a letter that she would not be surprised if, in my case, the monastery won.

Now it is spring and I have come well and luckily through my first (and I hope last) winter of captivity – this is the eleventh month and I have had enough. I often think of you and your cottage, of Belle Abbey and Gatley, Didsbury and St. Annes – so much has happened since mother died – and I shall hardly believe it when I am released though we think of nothing else. I have had cigarettes now from Pat, Emma, Dollly and Hilda and am daily expecting your own generous order to start arriving. I am quite OK and looking forward as ever.


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