Rothman’s Cigarettes.

Aug 25th, 2012

14 th April 1943

My Dear Harvie,

I was very pleased to have your letter of March 17 th  written at Gatley when you were clearing out Auntie’s house (and also a previous one, undated) and delighted yesterday to receive the first parcel from Rothman’s containing a thousand cigarettes.Thanks again very much indeed for this thought. Cigarettes are a great consolation of this prison life and one cannot have too many for, of course, one shares them round as other people also share theirs: and consequently, thanks to the many parcels now arriving, we are hardly ever without plenty to smoke.

Gilbert was probably right to sell Ash Grove again, especially at that profit, because he would never have lived in it himself. Which of us wants to  live again in the soot of Manchester? For my part I am already half inclined to live abroad in the sun – maybe in Switzerland – because I am now used to sunshine and a clear atmosphere. And I ask myself whether it is worth paying 50% income tax to endure what you describe as “long dreary winters”, when they can be so pleasant elsewhere. But all this is a problem for the future, though I hope it will not be too long before I am solving it.

You yourself will no doubt be glad to have Auntie’s Estate further cleared up. I note that you have credited my account: I should be quite rich when I arrive home again! I am quite well and cheerful, looking forward quite eagerly to our release: and the weather once more like midsummer at home. with thanks again and best wishes.


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