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I found this picture of Auntie Bertha’a house. She had the house built on land behind her brother’s house on Barlow Moor Road and this is the architects impression in water colour – admin.

I found this about Chieti – link here. Old convent; Officers Camp. After the Armistice, anybody wishing to leave the camp was forcibly prevented from doing so by the orders of the Senior British Officer who was following to the letter the orders of Allied HQ to remain in the camp and await the arrival […]

As is often the case with POW letters home the truth of the conditions the men were enduring tends to be glossed over for obvious reasons. They would not want to upset loved ones at home with dreadful details and all the letters were censored by the Camp authorities. Some camps were visited by the […]

18 August 1943. My Dear Harvie, At this date everything is developing in the most exciting way and we are very cheerful indeed. We get news over the Italian radio which is translated and posted up for us. It seems likely that I will beat Miles on the home run, and that  pretty soon: but […]

[Another postcard – admin] 31 July 1943 Now that the Italian Government has so happily changed one looks forward to great events – and we are all in high spirits as the newspapers say. I am very well, as usual, and hope all is well with you too. This month I have had two Rothman’s parcels, thanks […]

14 July 1943. My Dear Harvie I have to thank you for another letter and for the third parcel  of 1,000 cigarettes from Rothman’s which arrived this week – very welcome indeed, the more so as I had been without parcels (though not entirely smokeless) for several weeks. I hardly expect to get many (if any) more […]

3 rd July 1943 I am pleased to have had this week a letter from you and one from Hilda (dates may 1 st and 20 th respectively) and am glad you are all well and having a bit of summer. Billy tells me that Cotton shares are twice the price of 1940, very satisfactory. I am […]

2 nd June 1943. My Dear Harvie, Many Happy Returns of July 2 nd. I too have just had an anniversary: last week I finished my first year as a prisoner of war, and though I hope not to complete a second year, I must admit that the time has gone more quickly than I […]

14 th April 1943 My Dear Harvie, I was very pleased to have your letter of March 17 th  written at Gatley when you were clearing out Auntie’s house (and also a previous one, undated) and delighted yesterday to receive the first parcel from Rothman’s containing a thousand cigarettes.Thanks again very much indeed for this thought. Cigarettes […]

31 st March 1943 Dear Harvie, I am sorry to hear that your engagement to Norah has been broken – perhaps for the best – I doubt that you were strong enough for all the cares that matrimony would bring. Maybe peace and quiet would serve you best in the long run. I myself warned Pat when […]