Wilfred ‘well again from the jaundice’.

Apr 19th, 2012

16th December 1942

My Dear Harvie,

I remarked in my last letter that I looked forward to climbing that hill again to some of your pleasant Sunday evening suppers. Under wartime conditions letters do not necessarily arrive in the order of posting and I have just recently received two letters from you in the wrong order. I also had two notes from Emma, so brief that I believe she was scared of writing to me here. She seems to enjoy clearing Ash Grove. I have had no parcels yet. I expect them to start arriving soon, however I shall be grateful of the jersey you mention sending. The winter has been mild so far and although it will probably become colder after Christmas I hope for spring in this region by mid- February. I am out of hospital, quite well again from the jaundice and trust everything is all right with you and at Belle Abbey. Going to have Pork, Christmas Pudding and cake next week. Bully and biscuits last year. All the best for 1943 from Wilfred

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