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Capt. G Tattersall C/o  C.R.E. 7th Armoured Division. 10th March 1943. [I think in this letter Gilbert is trying to tell Harvie, in so many words, that he is right at the front line heading towards Tunis with the Sappers – admin] Dear Harvie, I have received your letter dated 10th February. You say you wonder where […]

Capt. G. Tattersall C/O C.R.E.  7th Armoured Division M.E.F. 13th February 1943. Dear Harvie, Your advising me to take the opportunity of selling Ashgrove has raised the question in my mind: what are my intentions if I survive the war. The future should bring about the state control of medicine. [the NHS was founded in 1948 – admin] […]

The advance of the 8th Army, and of 7th Armoured Division

Capt. G. Tattersall c/o C.R.E, 7th armoured Division. M.E.F. 29th January 1943. Dear Harvie, By the time you get this letter I do not know where I shall be. I may be still here (i.e. M.O. to the Royal Engineers) but I am using the address above because I do not know which unit of […]

Capt. G. Tattersall 4th Field Squadron: Royal Engineers M.E.F.  29th December 1942 Dear Harvie, The address above does not really represent the facts but I give this address anyway. There are other such units in the R.E.s and I visit them willy-nilly by fancy or by order. At present I am lucky to have an […]

16th December 1942 My Dear Harvie, I remarked in my last letter that I looked forward to climbing that hill again to some of your pleasant Sunday evening suppers. Under wartime conditions letters do not necessarily arrive in the order of posting and I have just recently received two letters from you in the wrong order. I also had […]

21 November 1942. To wish you both a happy New Year and hope that I shall see you again before it ends. Just now I am in the camp hospital with a slight [here the word is rubbed out and  the word “influence” inserted in a different hand – probably meant to be influenza. As […]

15th September 1942 My Dear Hilda, How one dreams of coming home -of the things that one shall do, eat, see and say “how happy the past – how happy will be the future”. Dreams are the occupation of Prisoners of War and not one day passes but I think of you all: think too […]

This is from a fellow Prisoner taken from: The first prison of war camp in which I lived was in Gravina in Italy. It was divided into four sections, each to hold 2,000 men. Those lucky enough to have a bed found that they were built of wood and were designed to hold two men […]

Italian Prisoner of War Camps