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John Rickard sent me this information: I think I’ve found your NZ surgeon – he was probably Doug Jolly ( for one account), a famous surgeon who published work on military medicine – that would fit with the ‘great reputation’, He was certainly in North Africa during WW2 – in Tobruk according to this article:  

Lieut G Tattersall 42nd General Hospital M.E.F. 12th September 1942. Dear Harvie, Whilst on leave in Jerusalem I bought quite a nice camel sitting down carved out of olive wood: also a box of polished olive wood, but badly finished inside. Also for 3 s. I bought an olive wood crucifix, a crudely made crucifix […]

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Hilda gets notification that Wilfred is missing  – in the Middle East – admin.

[This is a rare letter from Gilbert to his sister Hilda – admin] 42nd General Hospital M.E.F. 18th August 1942. Dear Hilda, Peace reigns a usual here. However today I was asked if I would volunteer for a Job in an anti-tank regiment as M.O.  I refused.  I said I would go if ordered to […]

Lieut. G .Tattersall 42nd General Hospital M.E.F. 27th July 1942. Dear Harvie, I am writing at present in the local Y.W.C.A.  this is popularly known as the Lido: it is by salt-water. This makes a pleasant change from Hospital routine for an afternoon. It is run for the benefit of the Nursing Sisters and, of […]

199845 Lieut. G. Tattersall 42nd General Hospital M.E.F. 19th June 1942 Dear Harvie, There is probably a gap in my letters due to excitement,  not to mention work. the work is more ‘signing my name’ rather than attention to wounds.  However I am now on the surgical side in the Hospital. I quite like it. […]

[ By July Gilbert appears to be back at the General Hospital – admin] Lieut. G. Tattersall 42nd General Hospital M.E.F. 3rd July 1942 Dear Harvie If Auntie Bertha’s house should fall into my keeping by the fall of   the auctioneers hammer I should consider it a great kindness on your part if you could look after […]

Royal Engineers Base Depot

No address or date. Dear Harvie, I am leaving the 42nd General Hospital for a destination where there are more active goings on. Write to the above address until I give you another which you will get by wire possibly before this letter reaches you. Actually I have been more comfortable here than in a similar job […]