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After the last letter Wilfred goes missing in the desert and the family wait for news.

It is 4ft by 5ft, impossible to lift on your own and painted by Frank O Salisbury in 1911

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The portrait that Wilfred inherits is of John Brown Tattersall a Manchester Cotton Industrialist. Auntie Bertha’s Father, Wilfred’s Grandfather.

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7635484 Pte. W. Tattersall 7th Motor Brigade Group Ordnance Coy., 7th Armoured Division, M.E.F 27th April 1942 My Dear Harvie, Today I have your airgraph of March 30th, they seem to be quite the quickest means of communication but one cannot say much [the post mark on this letter in England is 29th May 1942 […]

letter sent during world war two from a member of the 7t armoured brigade – the desert rats

Wilfred, pictured  at the front in this group, has written on the back of the photograph: FEBRUARY 1942 – It is a habit of soldiers on leave to be photographed. I don’t know why. Anyway here I am, with mates, all cleaned up and in new clothes. How irritating to know we were in Cairo […]

On the back of this photograph Wilfred has written: WESTERN DESERT, Summer 1941: The name of the other bloke [on the left – admin] is Wilfred Tattersall, that is why we were photographed together. he was attached to us for some time in charge of a wireless truck and is a L/Cpl in the Signals. […]

This is a scan of Gilbert’s last letter and he describes it as an Airgraph. It feels as though it is of a light photographic paper and had been cut from a roll. It is about 6 ins. by 5 ins. and the writing is reduced from the original size. Any ideas? As you can see he […]

42 nd General Hospital M.E.F. 18th March 1942 Dear Harvie, I have not further news to impart, yet I have these Airgraphs and I may as well let you know that I am in the same situation. There is no doubt I may yet be sent somewhere else, but even so the above address should […]

You can just see the Desert Rat emblem on the back of the truck. Wilfred’s head on the left. Wilfred again on the left. It is sad that I don’t know any other names. Cleaning boots I think. On the back of this one Wilfred has written: The M.E.F ! Taken about March 1941. Note […]

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